thursday 5 am

it rained through out the night, 
a few tears cover the morning ground, 
solemn, consecrated by solitude suspended in damp air. 

orbs of captured sunlight flicker through that gray-purple blanket, 
holding back night and starlight, 
tired arms fall as the day reigns in.

a train I missed passed me by with a low grumble in his voice, 
it heads into the city to start its day, 
it woke up late and didn’t have time for coffee.

effigies of human progress litter the furthest reaches of my eye line, 
towers of illumination, spectacles and wonders of a quieter time,
before the clouds were accustomed to being pierced and split.

no one wants to be here,
no one wants to be awake… here… now,
no one wants to embark on the cold, the dark, the known.

this perilous journey that is all too familiar for comfort, 
yet each day we drudge through that muck for scraps of recognition, 
years of hard, dull pain for minutes of joy, 
drops of glimmer and shine that shower in a bleak existence. 


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