Tim and Alex Share A Bed

    Tim and Alex are a new couple. The two have gone on plenty of dates with each other but, both classy individuals, decided to take it slow. Not rush the relationship. Tim is an esteemed art gallery director. He’s made a name for himself by exhibiting many of the cities youngest and brightest. Sometimes, these emerging artists  are controversial and provocative, giving to Tim’s reputation. Tim could also be considered esteemed, bright and vibrant. 

    Alex is not esteemed. Alex has a boring job as a risk and compliance analyst at the local bank. Winter is the time where Alex opens his mouth the most. This serious man likes to breathe out the warm air from his lungs and watch it swirl and fade among the cold air.  If Alex was a town or city it would be the kind that most Americans would want to raise there kids. A place, a town, a county where nothing exciting ever happens. Despite Alex lacking enthusiasm, he was considerate, smart, and a good listener. 

   Tim has a stylish, spacious one-bedroom just four blocks from the gallery. Tim has a wide selection of liquor and liqueurs and mixers for almost any drink you could want. The only other occupant of the apartment was a cat named Nibbles, a cat almost as talkative as his owner.

    Today is a special day. Today was the first time the couple would spend the whole night together.  Tonight they were staying at Tim’s chic industrial studio apartment. Today is a special day. The night started out  strong and only got better. They had a wonderful dinner that Tim had prepared; Schnitzel Cordon Bleu with a side salad. The salad was made of arugula, spinach, avocado, tomato, onion, mozzarella and a sour cream-honey mustard vinaigrette. Like many things in Tim’s life, the side dishes took precedence over the main course. The main course paired with a lightly off-dry riesling was the perfect match.  A perfect meal. 

    After eating, they continued to drink wine. They snuggled up on the couch and binged Orange Is The New Black. The night went off without a hitch. There were no arguments. No bickerings. No life threating phone calls or emergencies. The cat behaved itself. Only a splendid night of sugar and spice. Though, the time (and wine) had taken its toll on the both of them and they headed to bed. 

    Tim was usually more “energetic” when it came to having a date in his bed but tonight was different. Tonight was nice, gentle, and wholesome. Tim ignored his usual urges to defile and debauch.

    Clothes were strewn on the floor despite the usual context. The two both collapsed on the bed, which had before been made, was now made a mess. They curled up next to each other under the single blanket. Tim fell asleep first, but before he did, his last thought as the little spoon was: “Why does he still have his socks on?” Comfortable, warm, cradled, and cared for, he was out. 

    Tim slipped gently into the world of dreams, the realm of clouds and softness. A loud rumble shook then Tim fell, he fell fast. Tim startled awake found Alex snoring like a 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR under demonic possession and a severe cold. Horrifying.

    Some time went by at this point and Tim is still awake, Alex still snoring. Tim, tired of staring at the ceiling, looked to the foot of the bed where Nibbles laid at night. Nibbles should of been asleep at this point but was awake and appeared to be annoyed. Tim had dealt with snoring before, but never like this. The noise that was coming out of Alex’s mouth sound much like a congested bulldog that was shoved in down the throat of an Alaskan-Yukon moose, who had access to a megaphone. After a few hours Tim’s jaw started to hurt from how hard he had been clinching his teeth. 

    It had been four hours now since the night had winded down. Tim had tried everything to wake up Alex and get him to leave, but nothing was working. Tim could not deal with this level of disruption. Tim had tapped Alex’s face more than a few times, a gentle tap. When that didn’t work he slapped the shit out of Alex’s unconscious face, full palm.  

    Tim pushed and shoved but still nothing. Forced to a last resort: Tim punched Alex square in the dick… HARD. What happened was not what Tim had expected, but much the opposite.  Alex had a cheshire grin run wide across his face, from ear to ear. The attack didn’t wake Alex up but in fact pushed him deeper into solace. 

    Tim had reached a boiling point and started kicking Alex harshly. To no avail, the clock hit 4:30 AM. That’s when Tim began to hear for the first time in his life. A voice that Tim had never heard before but that was so familiar. 

“Fucking kill ’em, kill that Gook so we can get the fuck to sleep.” the voice said. 

    Tim stopped kicking Alex to look for where the voice came from. Tim’s head turned like an owl’s corner to corner trying to find that familiar stranger. There was only Tim and Alex and the cat Nibbles.

    Tim looked at Nibbles expecting to see malice given the words uttered. But Nibbles looked the same as he always had, judgemental and full of floof. But again the voice echoed:

“Fucking end it Tim, I want to sleep.” from Nibbles, his mouth still shut but Tim knew it was him, that friendly voice.

    The cat’s tail even bounced around, hitting the bed with innocence as Tim looked on in shock. 

“You have no attachment to that chump, no obligation… silence the chink Tim!” Nibbles continued. 

    Tim was reluctant, after all a cat was talking to him and telling him to murder his new boyfriend. 

“Just fucking think about it Tim, you know you can trust me, you’ve known me a lot longer than this asshole. And look at yourself, you’ve become crepuscular, it’s not good for your health.” Nibbles spoke out. 

    The seconds whittled away at Tim’s hesitance, he thought to himself: He’s right… I am quite ‘crepuscular’… I just wanna sleep… that’s all… is that so much to ask for? It’s the best idea anyone has had all night, minus the racist remarks that is.

    Tim got up and went to the bathroom, he pissed, and decided not to flush. He picked up some towels out of the shelf hanging over the toilet. He set the towels on the top of the toilet then took off his shirt and his underwear, which he left on the bathroom floor. He walked back into the bedroom, naked, towels in hand, staring at Alex with a slight grin. 

    Tim put the towels under Alex, picking Alex up placing the towels under him. 3 in total. Tim left the room for a minute. The cat laid there watching the door, waiting for Tim to return. Nibbles tail would rise up and whip the bed. 

    Tim came back and stood in the doorway of the bedroom, naked as ever, with a knife in hand. He crept silently beside Alex, who was still storing. No hesitation was in the strike, it was quick, as if Tim’s sanity only showed itself in the form of mercy. Blood started gushing from Alex’s neck, his eyes finally open and wide. 

    Tim could think of only one thing while watching Alex gasp for air and choke on blood. ‘Finally, something woke him up. Too bad he’s gonna go back to sleep soon, at least he’ll be quiet this time.’ Alex’s eyes went from alert, panicked to a dull, lifeless grey. The room went silent. 

    Tim returned to his side of the bed. Nibbles got up from the foot and snuggled up to Tim. 

“Thank God, I’m surprised Tim, never thought you had it in ya’. Now we can both get some sleep… and best part: I have breakfast in the morning, everybody wins.” Nibbles said before the room became soundless and still as the happy couple slept. 


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