My Pieces and You

I’m a new-ish writer. I always was a reader but never had any creative interests until I wanted to make a fake news show and I started writing and found out it to be fun, renewing, and challenging. My new skits eventually shifted into more serious ideas. I found myself making bare-bone outlines for stories I would love to write as it’d be something I would enjoy reading.

My first attempt at a story was a novella. I didn’t make it past 30 pages and lost interest with it for a new idea. I wrote about 15 pages of this second idea and my attention was caught yet again by another idea. This has been, for the most part, the norm of my writing. Shiny new idea after shiny new idea with occasional poetry.

I think at this time I have 9 unfinished stories, including that first one. With this website, I have 3 stories I believe are ready enough to be thrown out in the open. I have only been writing for 2 years and know that all my stories are rough and likely inadequate if you look at them as a professional. This website is an excuse to get me to write consistently.

Since I am no editor and an amateur, all of the works on here are subject to revision; structurally, grammatically, and thematically. I can’t promise weekly updates, like a lot of people I have a life. A life where I try to find more time to fit writing into it so trying to fit posting on a site no one knows about is not a priority.

Within my pieces there are some key themes that I don’t think will ever leave me or my mind. That being humor, the human condition, and the absurdity of life. William Faulkner said “The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself.” I try to emulate this to a degree, the world is weird and when shit gets weird, there is massive internal conflict usually followed by a snap. Typically, uphill battles, wars of attrition, and fights that can never be won are those internal conflicts I see and they rarely benefit the psyche.

Most importantly, if you read a piece of mine and like it or hate it please tell me why. I want my stories to be better. One of the only finished pieces I have ready had so much cut from it that it could only be called child abuse. I’m no genius and I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think I am or am not doing right.


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